“Defining Moments”

This pic right here is just one defining moment for me.
In this moment 4yrs ago I was picked at random out of over 500 people to stand up and deliver
a series of questions and engage the audience.
I completely and utterly froze!!! I lost my hearing, sight and could barely stand up or breath, let
alone speak into the microphone.
David Wood, our amazing trainer for the weekend walked over to me holding a beer and told me
to spin around 3 times on the spot, stamp my foot and then have a sip of his beer.
So I spun around stamped my foot and sculled half his beer.
He then said “You got this. Just let YOU shine through. You are enough.” And in that moment,
my whole mindset shifted and I owned that microphone and stage!
From that day on I have gone on to present in front of hundreds, even thousands of people as
my true authentic self and I couldn’t be more proud of pushing through the fear and hearing
those words. “You are enough.” Words to this day, I coach and install to all my clients.
So. I’d LOVE to hear about one of your defining moments in life.
Be it motherhood, a breakup, a death, a speech, a conversation, anything!!

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