Being happy is a very personal thing….
It has nothing to do with anyone else.
Do you rely on someone else to bring you happiness?
I have! 🙋
For years I based my happiness on friends/family/partners….
I believed that because a particular person or people were in my life I was happy.
In relationships if I was unhappy, I was convinced it was their fault.
“You hurt me, you cheated on me, You’re bullying me.”
I mean, yes these things do cause unhappiness BUT all of these things happened and I CHOSE
to stay in this friendship or relationship because I felt I couldn’t be happy without them!
Go figure?!
See the thing with giving someone else the key to my happiness was that not only did I give
them my power but I gave them permission.
The day I realised I’m the one who creates my happiness, is the day I stepped into my power
and began taking responsibility for my actions/thoughts/words and relationships.
I literally ask myself on a daily basis, what will bring me happiness today?
And each day is different….
Coffee, wine, friends, alone time, walks, exercise, shopping, meditation, movies, reading,
painting nails, wearing a dress, wearing trackies.
So, again.
Being happy is a very personal thing.
It has nothing to do with anyone else.

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