“It’s all about the fit baby!”

It’s not about the number on the tag it’s about the fit to YOUR body.
For too fuuuuucking long I’ve been punishing my body and myself for the number on the tag.
I used to be a size 8 and now I’m a size 12.
I punished myself for allowing my body to look this way, feel this way and move this way.
I punished my body for not looking the way it used to, moving the way it used or, get this, being
complimented on it they way it used to.
I’ve given birth to two beautiful girls, miscarried, started my comapny and haven’t slept more
than 5 full nights in 5years and instead of shaming, punishing and hiding in these emotions I
am whole heartedly, mind blowingly and fucking honestly saying I am grateful and bursting with
love for my body AND I am learning to love all the bumps and lumps!
I NEVER understood HOW all these gorgeous women with positive body pages and women like
me or curvier are totally in love with their bodies.
I despised them for feeling this way.
I supported and cheered because, fuck, I REALLY wanna feel like that one day.
And ya know what.
I get it now.
They chose.
Every single day they made a choice.
Every day they chose their awareness and they chose to do the mahi on themselves.
And now, I’ve been doing the mahi!
If there’s work to be done on myself I will.
I truly embrace constructive criticism and respect those that give it.
I’ll show up 100% to the ability I have in that moment and go all in.
Full authenticity, no hold backs.
Do the mahi, get the treats!
So, this epiphany is my treat for this particular part of myself I’m choosing to work on.
In a month or next year or maybe even tomorrow another part of who I am will arise and I will
choose to do the mahi again.
For me, it’s never ending.
There’s no finish line.
There isn’t a point where I’m like, “Okay, sweet, this is me. I’ll be this version of me for the rest
of my life.” No fucking way!
Because new people in our lives bring new parts of ourselves to the surface.
Sometimes they are challenging, sometimes they’re beautiful and other times they can just be
damn right ugly.
And guess what… All are welcomed,
And all are OK.
It’s how we choose to react to this awareness that truly shows us who we are.
We have a choice.
Vital word…
In every moment we have the power to choose how we act and respond to others,
But most importantly, ourselves.
It’s not about the number on the tag,
It’s about the fit to your body.

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