“Live your Truth”

Living YOUR truth empowers & inspires.
You, and those around you.
How? you ask.
It energetically gives others around you permission to live THEIR truth.
Because, let’s be real,
We’re all waiting for someone else to go first…. right?! So whats stopping you from choosing to
go first?
Fear of failure?
Fear of rejection?
Fear of your truth?
All fair,
But get this…. Someone is ALWAYS going to have an opinion,
Positive or negative,
about what you wear, how you speak, what job you have, what kind of car you drive, who you’re
friends are,
jeeeze the list goes on,
Which in turn means,
So whhhyyyy not live YOUR truth and own the s**t out of it very damn day?!! Wear those crazy
ass shoes you love,
Work at Pizza Hut just so your grocery bill ain’t so high each week (totes did that while I was at
Be friends with the girl at school that no one is friends with because their was some silly rumour,
Be the quiet person in the corner,
Or the loud vivacious centre of attention person,
Gosh darn it,
You get the gist,
Just BE YOU!
You won’t die.
I promise.
You’ll come to life…
And so will those around you!

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