“Things I need you to know.”

1. You define your worth.
Not the person who loves you, the friends around you, the family you’re born into. YOU.
You define your worth.
2. EVERYONE will have an opinion.
Someone is ALWAYS going to have an opinion about what you wear, what you say, how you
say it, what you do and how you do things based on their own reality. Therefore you may as well
live YOUR life based on your own reality, YOUR truth, to avoid unhappiness and dis-ease.
3. Saying No is OK.
For the protection of your energy, worth and choice, it’s ok to simply say no without explanation.
4. Awareness is growth.
In order to step more into who we are/want to be, awareness is essential. Physically, mentally
and spiritually.
5. You ALWAYS have a choice.
Even when you feel like you don’t, you do.
From the simplest choice to be kind to those you meet, to the hardest of whether to stay in a job
or relationship you aren’t happy in.
With love,

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