“You are the matter of your thoughts”

I refuse to be a slave.
Did you know….
On a daily basis we are thinking thoughts and speaking words that are not our own!
What do you mean you ask?
Well…. As a child we are born with truth and 100% ourselves.
We run around living and speaking our truth UNTIL we’re programmed and taught to live and
act and think a certain way…. right?! For example…. Something I constantly think and say to
myself is that I’m not smart enough to speak up and speak out.
Truth is.
Those weren’t my words.
A teacher in high school told me I’d go further with my personality than I would with my brains.
I hear this constantly!
Consciously or unconsciously,
I hear it!
I feel it!
I embodied it.
Until… I became the awareness behind the thoughts.
And guess what… You can too!
YOU are the master of YOUR thoughts, actions and truth.
Next time you catch that voice out.
Become aware.
You know the voice I’m talking about…..
It’s there with its negative spin on everything.
We all have it.
It never goes away.
We just learn how to be the awareness behind the thoughts and the voice.
Some simple & very effective tools I’ve discovered help master & take control are: ✔ Writing in
a journal ✔ Meditating ✔Yoga
✔ Surrounding myself with people who pick me up not put me down ✔ Exercising ✔ Doing one
thing daily that brings happiness
✔ Continually learning to love & accept myself ✔ Being unapologetic
✔ Self love & acceptance
Be the awareness behind your thoughts. 💜
If you’d like to delve more into this, reach out!
I’d love to help you break free & Live YOUR Truth.

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