“Anger is sads bodyguard”

Did you know…

Anger is sads bodyguard.

Anger as a whole,

has its place.

Anger as a bodyguard,


So often anger comes out to defend what is most tender and vulnerable in us…

Our sadness,

Our insecurities,

Our trauma,

Our demons.

When we can develop awareness around our triggers is the moment we begin to heal.


When you feel your nervous system shutting down and have the urge to react,

Take a moment to breath.


Start to question what?s under this anger.

Is it humiliation?


A trigger from childhood?

Continue to be in question.

When we begin to develop awareness,

We can use our voice in these moments of conflicts to heal.

?Hey, I?m feeling defensive, I need a moment.?

?Shit, my body is feeling yuck, I need a moment.?

?I?m triggered right now, I just need some space.?

From this space we?re able to re-enter the conflict or conversation as ourselves.

Not our sadness.

If anger is required,

It will be in its whole form.


This is how we stop reacting and move into a space of awareness and healing.

This is how we move through to anger as a whole.

This is how we release.


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