I’m not enough

I’m not a good enough friend

I’m not a good enough partner

I’m not a good enough mother

I’m not a good enough coach

I’m not a good enough daughter

I’m not a good enough sister

I’m just not enough!

I must do better

Be better

Be more

Be less on my phone

Do less work

Play more

Clean up more

Know more

I must give more

I shouldn’t be so sensitive

I need to show up more

Be more myself

But not like that,

Like this.

Sound familiar?!

Wholly cow I could go on,

And I’m sure you could too.

Some days are louder than others,

Other days there’s silence.

And in both,

There’s a whisper.

I now know,

Silence is when I’m aligned with myself.

The noise is when I’m people pleasing or going against my true self.

So, I encourage you to challenge your silence and your noise and ask yourself…

What is here?

And if you listen closely,

You?ll hear the whisper.


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