Te Mana Program

An interactive, one on one program adaptable for youth aged 9-18yrs exploring and embracing their truth.

T - Trust
R - Responsibility
U - Understanding YOUR Truth
T - Take Charge
H - Honour

About the program

This program is designed to equip youth with a toolbox of strategies to manage their well-being, build resilience and the confidence to embrace their uniqueness.

We create an environment where youth:

  • Follow Sir Mason Durie's Whare Tapa Wha Module
  • Define Friendship
  • Realise their strengths and opportunities
  • Interpret The Four Agreements
  • Show compassion and honour themselves and others
  • Grasp the power of their emotions, thoughts and behaviours
  • Develop goal setting and problem solving skills
  • Create awareness
  • Learn calming techniques
  • Thrive from a place of courage
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