"Thanks so much Stacey. Where our child is today has a whole heap to do with you. Thank you so much for being there for them and as well me. You are amazing!!!! We are so proud of how they've not changed, but come back to us, cos they've always been pretty awesome!! Thankyou for everything!!!"

Stacey W, Parent

"My daughter has just completed Stacey's 8 week Te Mana Program.
Our daughter is only 12 years old and a year 8 student. We found that the one on one aspect of the program was really beneficial. Also because Stacey is so young she got on incredibly well with our daughter. I think it also helps that Stacey is more than happy to share her journey through teenage years so it made my daughter feel like she wasn't out of the ordinary.
I liked that each week there was a clear plan of what would be covered, yet Stacey provided the flexibility to tailor the program to incorporate or work through issues that were arising week to week.
At the end of each session Stacey would get my daughter to recap in her words what they had covered during that session. I found this great as this reinforced that my daughter fully understood the points of the session but it also allowed me to understand what they had been working through as I was not present during the session times.
My daughter commented that rather than it feeling like something she had to do every week it was more something she looked forward to doing each week. From past experience I know the huge importance of finding the right person to work with a child of my daughters age - Stacey was that right person.
I would highly recommend Stacey's Te Mana program. Stacey is a very special person, with so much to offer young people, equipping them with the skills they need to progress through the teenage years and beyond."

Pip P, Parent

"We would like to share our thoughts about Te Mana with other parents that are struggling with there teenage daughters.
When I first talked to Stacey she was easy to talk to and talked a bit about her struggles being a teenager.
Straight away my daughter said no way I don't need help, because we all know teenagers know more than us!
Stacey came to our house to have a chat with our daughter and somehow convinced her to sign up.
Right from the first meeting We noticed a huge difference and every week she just got better and better, even the teachers at school commented on the change of attitude.
Whatever Stacey did worked well and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their teenagers.
We wish Stacey all the best and we are just so happy we found someone that got though to our daughter and helped her make the right decisions and taught her that she is enough just the way she is.
Thank You Stacey"

Carolyn F, Parent

"Stacey is a kind, passionate understanding and funny woman who owns Mana Ora.
At first I was nervous and dis-interested to come because I thought she would be just like all other Councellor's/mentors and not understand anything I say but really she is a big version of me and has been through the same as me if not more.
She relates to everything I say and even tells me her own stories.
She will never say I'm wrong or I'm right, she helps me understand and use the word "OR" instead of "NO". She helps a lot and explains like how a teenager needs you to explain.
The Te Mana program has really helped me stop ditching, learn manners and see what I really want for my future and guides me to my path decisions.
I'm choosing to come back after the 8 weeks because I just feel like even though she has a business being a mentor, she is my friend.
Every week at school I do good things to tell her and make stories with her."

Savanna Jane, 14yrs old

"I started sessions with Stacey and my life changed.
We talked and solved problems.
I gained self confidence and learnt to be truthful to myself.
I believed in Stacey helping me because she had told me about her past and how she got through it so I took this into context and thought about my future.
If you think someone needs Stacey like I did, I would definately recommend being apart of her Te Mana program.
It changed my life and it will change yours."

Nicole, 15yrs old

"I had only met Stacey once before seeking her help and guidance for my daughter.
Immediately I was drawn to her big smile, infectious laugh and open friendly personality. A beautiful person, both inside and out.
The perfect match for my pre teen daughter.
Jessica was dubious but you very quickly gained her trust and now Stacey?s name pops up in conversation as you would talking about a friend. She looked forward to spending time with Stacey and completing tasks they had set together. Stacey worked with her with so much passion, and belief we could get our happy confident girl back.
She never gave up on her.
Thank you Stacey.
I could not speak more highly of you.
Both Jessica and I adore you and think you are amazing."

Anna S, Parent

"The biggest things I learnt in Te Mana was

  • The Four Agreements.
  • I have a lot more strengths than I thought
  • I learnt to speak my truth with love
  • I learnt I'm kind
  • I'm grateful for a lot more things now
  • Always do my best and I will reach"
Lexie, 12yrs old

"Te Mana has helped me see a better point of view of myself."

"Te Mana has helped me realize my stregnths"

"Te Mana has taught me that I am me and who I am is ENOUGH!"

"Te Mana has helped me think better about myself."

from, Students at Motueka South School

"I learnt today that I am still worthy, no matter what."

"No matter what happens to you you are still valuable."

"I learnt what my beliefs are."

"I learnt what my values and beliefs are."

from, Students at Parklands School, session 3/10
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